Murphy lab meeting – October, 2018

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Murphy lab hosts the CReM’s 3rd annual Halloween party, Blood Feast 3D!

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(No dogs were harmed in the making of Blood Feast 3D.)

George lets Rich pick the rental car while visiting collaborators in San Diego.


Taylor commits to BUSM’s PiBS program for his PhD! Congrats Taylor!


Richard and George establish new collaborations while in Japan

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Murphy lab members with Dr. Joel Buxbaum of The Scripps Research Institute

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The 2017 CReM Turkey Bowl Football Game

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(North American football)

Murphy lab pumpkin carving contest 2017

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Featuring PCA: Pumpkin Component Analysis

Murphy lab hosts the 2017 CReM Halloween party – a frighteningly good time

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Murphy lab members embark on Zaw’s Farewell Tour – 311 miles to Philadelphia!


3 men, 5 duffle bags, one small car, and many, many cheese steaks.