Taylor Matte, M.S.

Graduate Education: University of Massachusetts Lowell
Undergraduate Education: University of Massachusetts Lowell
Major: Biology, Bioinformatics
Hometown: Dracut, MA

Taylor joined the lab in February of 2017 after receiving his master’s degree from UMass Lowell, where he studied spiders. His bestie Richard (see above) convinced him that stem cell biology would be a logical next step for him. He is currently working on single cell sequencing experiments and analysis in conjunction with other members of the CReM. In his spare time, Taylor can be seen drinking IPAs and listening to sad, sad music.

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Murphy Lab Awarded Amyloidosis Foundation Grant

“Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Modeling of Human Hereditary Amyloidosis”
This project will generate a new form of stem cells that start out as skin or blood cells but are then reprogrammed into cells that have the ability to become any type of tissue in the body. These stem cells will be utilized to study a genetic disease through the directed differentiation of these cells in vitro in order to recapitulate the outcome of the disease. Possible benefits of this research are new ways to study treatments for genetic diseases such as familial amyloidosis.


Dr. Murphy chosen as an American Society of Hematology Scholar

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