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Undergrad: UMass Amherst
Major: Biology major/Comp Sci minor
Hometown: Westwood, MA
Current position: Research Scientist / Postdoc
Nick joined Murphy Lab in spring 2023 as a postdoc, after defending his computational biology PhD thesis at Brown University where he studied the biology of aging.  Nick’s research pertains specifically to the creation and study of epigenetic clocks, in order to better understand the underlying mechanisms of aging.  As a current lab member, Nick is excited to continue the study of gerontology via work with a variety of centenarian cell lines to discern what makes their cells so resilient to different types of stress, and to utilize various epigenetic models of aging to determine what distinguishes them from those with average lifespan and healthspan.
In his free time, Nick likes to pick up all sorts of assorted hobbies, like chess, archery, golf, esports, flying drones, rock climbing, locksport, snorkeling, trying new restaurants, and more.