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Undergraduate Education: Amherst College
Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Hometown: Nanyuki, Kenya

James joined the Murphy Lab in the fall of 2013 as the “new Whitney” – now he’s just “the tall technician”! Before becoming a pro in mycoplasma testing and bacteria cloning (yes CD47, I’ll conquer you!), James victoriously underwent the rigorous Murphy Lab rite of passage (read: autoclaving, dish washing and Dr. Nah’s yelling). On the science side, James is currently working on immortalizing cells.

Likes: Science, gym, camels, deserts…Hates: Washing dishes, autoclaving, Dr. Nah’s yelling

Goals:  Immediate:  See the cell immortalization project through,  Successfully clone CD47, Become a fan of whatever sports franchise Brenden supports (I rely on him a lot for a lot of my experiments), Believe that everything Shirley says is said in good faith (I personally think it’s pure malice)

UPDATE: James is now a graduate student at Columbia University!